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Nestled by the Walls

Like orbiting around its own sun, houses and historic buildings revolve around the castle, receiving its light and warmth while leading and manifesting an autonomous life.

The current Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, adjacent to the walls, was the ancient rustic courtyard of the castle, where carriage houses, stables, and part of the servant’s quarters overlooked.

Strolling through the concentric streets, you come across three churches, all within a few meters. One, the Church of San Secondo, with its Romanesque-Gothic architecture, is larger and still used for religious services. The other, the Church of Santo Spirito, originally a spiritual house for the Battuti Neri lay brotherhood, is finely frescoed and now used for exhibitions and events. It was once the royal chapel, and the king and queen accessed it directly from the castle. The third church, dedicated to the patron saint of Govone, San Giovanni Decollato, is now deconsecrated.

Lastly, the greenhouse, an ancient citrus garden, now serves as a venue for various events.



The Church of San Secondo is the main church of Govone, where religious services still take place. Its presence dates back to 1041. It was first rebuilt between 1350 and 1380, and towards the late 19th century, it assumed its current neo-Gothic form thanks to a complete remodeling based on the design by architect Arborio Mella.

The entrance, with a portal surmounted by a bas-relief of Saint Secondo on horseback, is located on the left side. Upon entering, above a large Baroque tribune, one can immediately notice an organ dating back to 1869.

The church has three aisles and two chapels on the sides, one dedicated to the Sacred Heart and the other to the Addolorata (Our Lady of Sorrows).

The Gothic apse, pentagonal in shape, is illuminated by five single-lancet windows, each featuring the figure of a saint: Saint Secondo, Saint Roch, Saint Michael, Saint Sebastian, and Saint Defendente.


The ancient citrus garden, located in the castle park, no longer contains citrus plants with their sharp scents and wrinkled fruits, as it did during the Savoy era.

The greenhouse, renovated in the 1990s, is now a space where people gather and events take place, serving as a catalyst and container for culture, exhibitions, conferences, readings, and performances.

If you are considering a similar venue for your event, the answer is yes, it is possible to rent this space.


The Church of Santo Spirito was originally a spiritual house for the Battuti Neri, a lay brotherhood established in the Middle Ages to provide assistance to the needy. It was once the royal chapel, with a passage connecting it directly to the castle, which is no longer present today.

Nevertheless, one can still be amazed by the beauty of its frescoed walls using trompe-l’oeil technique and the choir carved by the cabinetmaker Bonzanigo. Exhibitions and events bring this little gem to life, giving a unique character to what happens within its walls.


Resting against the southern walls of the castle is today’s Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. Overlooking it are a bar, the post office, and a restaurant whose name recalls and declares the purpose of those spaces in the royal era: “The castle stables.”

The square was indeed part of the ancient courtyard and, in addition to the stables, housed carriage sheds and some of the servant’s accommodations.

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