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Since the early 1900s, the Royal Castle has been owned by the Municipality of Govone, a small village with a population of 2,200, which goes above and beyond to keep it alive and accessible thanks to the commitment of the entire community, a dense network of associations, and volunteers including: Pro loco di Govone, Pro loco di Canove, Pro loco di Craviano, Pro loco di San Pietro, Centro di promozione culturale Govone e il Castello, Associazione Culturale Generazione, Associazione Volontari Govone, Avis Govone, Biblioteca popolare di Govone, Protezione Civile, and Collina degli Elfi.

Since its establishment in 2015, the Govone Residenza Sabauda Association has been responsible for managing, enhancing, and promoting the Royal Castle of Govone. It also engages in the development of tourist and cultural activities involving local associations in project implementation. Furthermore, the association is dedicated to securing funding for castle restoration projects. Thanks to the support of the European Social Fund, the Ministry of Culture, and the CRC, CRT, and Compagnia di San Paolo foundations, much has been accomplished over the years.

However, the list of interventions yet to be carried out is still quite extensive and requires substantial resources and commitment. Therefore, we invite all those who have an interest, expertise, time, and/or financial resources to dedicate to this great project to contact us and support us. We are a team of individuals committed to promoting the growth of sustainable, inclusive, and community-respecting tourism, safeguarding the future development of the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato areas. We strongly believe in the importance of networking, sharing experiences, best practices, and ideas.


The initiative “GOVONE ARTE” aims to enhance and enrich the cultural and tourist offer of the town of Govone and the Residenza Sabauda, giving new impetus to the exhibition activity within a framework of undeniable historical and artistic value.

The intention is to offer tourists a dedicated journey through art in its various forms, with particular attention to contemporary expression. The project envisages a continuous series of exhibitions that can become a permanent art showcase and a driver of cultural promotion in the area.

“GOVONE ARTE” alternates solo exhibitions by prominent artists with collective exhibitions featuring young emerging artists, with a particular focus on the creative energies expressed by the local community. This combination is designed to maintain, on the one hand, the authority that allows the exhibition to establish itself as a recognizable art center, thanks to the excellence of the artists invited to participate in solo exhibitions. On the other hand, it offers opportunities for young artists who, within collective exhibitions, can benefit from the visibility provided by a well-known artistic platform.


“GOVONE SMART MUSIC” is a classical music season held at the Royal Castle of Govone, open to all with free admission.

The musicians involved in the performances will interact with the audience through a series of activities aimed at guiding their listening experience and engaging them, with the goal of making all participants active contributors to the success of the musical moment. The repertoire will be explained and illustrated, highlighting its distinctive features.

The performers of the concerts are renowned maestros. Prior to the concerts, there will be a solo or chamber music performance by young musicians from local educational institutions.


In 2021, the cultural offering of the Royal Castle of Govone is enriched. Thanks to the collaboration with the BATELMAN association, a new series of events is launched: GOVONE ON STAGE, featuring live theatrical performances, free of charge, within the marvelous setting of the Savoy residence.

“Ten friends and an (almost) forgotten theater” is how BATELMAN presents itself. This non-profit association was born in 2016 in the Church-Theater of San Giovanni Decollato in Govone (CN) with the aim to “talk about food and performance, create and dismantle projects, clean and investigate the experiences of a building rich in history. BATELMAN, from the Piedmontese dialect meaning ‘clapping hands,’ represents the hope for a long life filled with applause, performances, and culture. It is the desire to achieve something great, something interesting.”

Popular Library of Govone

The Popular Library of Govone is the evolution of the “Società Promotrice della Popolare Istruzione fra gli Adulti in Govone” (Promoting Society of Popular Education among Adults in Govone), an autonomous moral entity promoted by theologian Costantino Dalmasso and founded by Royal Decree in 1869 with the aim of “providing adults, especially those who couldn’t acquire elementary education in their childhood, with the means to acquire it in their youth and adulthood.” It is located within the walls of the castle and houses over 10,000 books accumulated over 150 years, including some valuable original works from the Savoy era.

In addition to lending books, the library now promotes a series of initiatives aimed at cultivating a culturally stimulating environment that also serves as a gathering place for the community, with attention to all age groups. Among the main activities are the “Evenings with Authors,” where writers can present their books, and various thematic meetings. Volunteers organize readings for young children as part of the national project “Born to Read” and make themselves available for readings among the residents of the nursing home.



If you have interest, expertise, time, and/or financial resources to dedicate to this great project, please contact us! We are a team of individuals committed to promoting the growth of sustainable, inclusive, and community-oriented tourism, ensuring the future development of the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato region. We strongly believe in the importance of networking and sharing experiences, best practices, and ideas. Let’s get to know each other!


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    Have you ever thought about organizing your events here or giving the most important moments of your life a unique and unforgettable setting? It can be done! Discover all the spaces and choose the ones that best suit your needs: the Hall of Honor, the Chinese rooms, the greenhouse, the rose garden, the terrace, the park, and the gardens.



    Govone extends beyond my walls. It is an entire community that takes care of the magnificent places it inhabits. I invite you to explore everything that surrounds me: the park and the gardens, the greenhouse, the intimate rose garden, the village, and the outdoor trails immersed in nature, which you can explore on foot or by bike.

    The park, inhabited by squirrels, woodpeckers, jays, embraces the castle all around with its hedges of boxwood, beech trees, elms, and cypresses.

    The gardens gather and showcase Maria Cristina's passion for botany, particularly for roses, displaying various splendid antique varieties.

    The historic center extends the visit beyond the castle walls, revealing the authenticity of a village that, while continuing to live, preserves its memory.

    The trails lead you along the edges of the constellation of which the castle is the protagonist, through fields, vineyards, and hazelnut groves, allowing you to discover the land.