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Govone Smart Music 2024

The new music season for a Royally Pink May

Govone Smart Music is a major musical event held every May at the enchanting Royal Castle of Govone. This festival is a meeting point between the beauty of musical art and the enchanting setting of the castle, offering a unique cultural experience for lovers of music and history.

During the event, now in its 8th edition, the Royal Castle of Govone comes alive with a series of high-quality concerts and performances. Nationally renowned artists perform in the elegant halls of the castle, creating a magical and evocative atmosphere.

Govone Smart Music is a celebration of musical art in all its forms. The rich and varied program offers a wide range of styles and interpretations, ensuring an engaging experience for audiences of all ages. Spectators have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the captivating sounds of talented musicians, who create unforgettable moments with their performances.

Book your place at Govone Smart Music and prepare to live unforgettable moments among the engaging notes and the elegance of the Royal Castle of Govone. An event that combines art, history, and music in a perfect mix, promising an exciting journey into the heart of culture.

Here are the three dates included in REGALMENTE ROSA, the schedule of events for May in Govone:

Sunday, May 12, 2024 – TRIO ALBATROS ENSEMBLE

Francesco Parrino, violin
Stefano Parrino, flute
Dario Bonuccelli, piano

The Trio Albatros Ensemble is a musical group active since 1990, consisting of Francesco Parrino on violin, Stefano Parrino on flute, and Dario Bonuccelli on piano.

It has distinguished itself for the originality of its repertoire and the high level of its interpretations, receiving recognition from both national and international critics. The trio has collaborated with numerous contemporary composers and has performed in various countries around the world, participating in festivals and collaborating with major musical associations. It has recorded several CDs for Stradivarius with music by composers such as Bettinelli, Chailly, Fedele, and others.

Their program includes works by Gaubert, Martinů, Bonis, Rota and a fantasy dedicated to the trio itself.



Lucia Margherita Marino</i >, clarinet
Sara Musso, piano
Luigi Colasanto, cello



Lucia Margherita Marino graduated in clarinet with top marks in 2002 and further perfected her skills with masters such as A. Carbonare, F. Meloni, and G. Sobrino. She was part of the Youth Orchestra of the Teatro alla Scala Academy and has collaborated with various national and international orchestras, including the Philharmonic Orchestra of Turin, touring in Europe and the United States.

Marino has collaborated with various festivals, including the Zephyr Music Festival in San Francisco, the Washington International Piano Festival, and the Catholic University.

She has been a clarinetist of the klezmer female quartet Les Nuages Ensemble and has recorded two CDs with them.

In addition to her activities as a musician, Marino graduated in Music History and founded ESTEMPORANEA – Art, Music, Theatre in 2015, promoting new opportunities for musicians and students. She is the Artistic Director of various musical seasons and festivals and has written musical shows for various cultural institutions.



Sara Musso graduated from the “G. Verdi” Conservatory of Turin with top marks, praise, and special mention. She continued her studies with P. Rattalino in Milan and at the International Academy “Meetings with the Master” in Imola, perfecting her skills with F. Scala in Imola and R. Remoli in Turin. She won the first prize at the Lurisia Terme international competition in 1992 and has performed as a soloist for major musical organizations in Italy and abroad.

Musso has also been active in chamber music in various formations and has engaged in educational activities in schools, designing musical courses. She has been the Artistic Director of the musical association La Celesta and the Concert Season of Orbassano, and she is the president of the “P. Canonica” association. She earned a second-level degree in Piano at the Conservatory of Turin and the qualification for teaching piano in middle schools with a musical orientation.

She teaches piano at the IC “M.L. Spaziani” and has been a teacher, concert pianist, and collaborative pianist at ESTEMPORANEA – Art, Music, Theatre since 2020.



Born in Turin in 1993, the cellist began studying the cello at the age of four at the Suzuki School of Turin with M° A. Mosca, performing on tour in Italy and Switzerland for important entities such as the UN and UNICEF. He graduated from the “G. Verdi” Conservatory of Turin in 2014 with M° D. Destefano, artistically perfecting his skills with him. During his studies, he collaborated with renowned masters such as Salvatore Accardo, Amiram Ganz, Christ

ophe Coin, Bruno Giuranna, and Thomas Demenga.

Subsequently, he attended the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland in Lugano, where he earned a Master in Performance with M° Johannes Goritzki. Here, he had the opportunity to perfect his orchestral skills working with important conductors such as Vladimir Verbitsky and Tomas Netopil.

He has professionally collaborated with various entities and theaters, including the Teatro Regio di Torino, the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, the A. Toscanini Orchestra of Parma, La Verdi in Milan, the Milan Philharmonic under the guidance of M° Daniele Gatti, and the Orchestra of Italian Switzerland in Lugano.

Since 2021, he has been steadily collaborating with ESTEMPORANEA – Art, Music, Theatre as a teacher and concert performer.



Tiziano Mealli, piano
Edoardo Zosi, violin
Liù Pelliciari, violin
Benedetta Bucci, viola
Stefano Cerrato, cello



Tiziano Mealli, a pupil of Alessandro Specchi at the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory in Florence, specialized in chamber music following in the footsteps of the Trio di Trieste and the Quartetto Italiano. He has dedicated his concert and teaching career to transmitting and spreading the principles and values of the Italian chamber music school. Mealli has been awarded in national and international competitions and has been active as a soloist, conductor, and in chamber formations. He has collaborated with renowned artists and ensembles and has held concerts in major Italian and foreign cities.

Moreover, he is regularly invited as a member of juries for competitions and is part of the Artistic Committee of the “Vittorio Gui” International Chamber Music Competition in Florence. Mealli also dedicates himself to conducting and has taught at the “Girolamo Frescobaldi” Conservatory in Ferrara. He currently holds the chair of Chamber Music at the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory in Florence and collaborates with the Fiesole School of Music since 1997, teaching piano and chamber music to students of the Italian Youth Orchestra.



The Quartetto Adorno, consisting of Edoardo Zosi and Liù Pelliciari on violins, Benedetta Bucci on viola, and Stefano Cerrato on cello, has achieved international recognition by winning the Third Prize, the Audience Prize, and the Special Prize for the best performance of a contemporary piece at the “Paolo Borciani” International Competition in 2017. In 2018, it won the X Edition of the “V. E. Rimbotti” International Competition for string quartets and was associated in residence at the Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth in Brussels. In 2019, it received the “A Life in Music Young 2019” award and is supported by CIDIM.

The quartet was founded in 2015 and takes its name from the philosopher Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno. It has performed in numerous concerts at important Italian and foreign musical societies and has collaborated with well-known artists.

It has published several CDs, including “Quartet No. 3 Op. 19 by A. von Zemlinsky” and “Clarinet Quintet by Brahms Op. 115” with Alessandro Carbonare for Decca Italia. From 2023, it has recorded the octet by G. Enescu Op. 7 for Fuga Libera and the complete quartets by Castelnuovo-Tedesco for Naxos, due out in 2024.

The Adorno Quartet has completed the performance of the complete Beethoven quartets at several prestigious venues, such as the Sale Apollinee of the Teatro La Fenice in Venice and the Chamber Music Festival in Urbino.

The concerts will take place in the Festive Hall of the Royal Castle of Govone (CN) starting from 17:30. Free entry.

Limited places with reservation via email at indicating the number of participants.

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Attraversa il tempo percorrendo le stanze del castello.

Dapprima palazzo nobiliare, poi residenza reale e infine luogo di comunità per tutti i govonesi, il castello taglia e connette i secoli. Visitarlo significa ritrovare le tappe che lo hanno portato ad essere il luogo dal carattere sfaccettato, e quindi unico, che è ora.



Govone extends beyond my walls. It is an entire community that takes care of the magnificent places it inhabits. I invite you to explore everything that surrounds me: the park and the gardens, the greenhouse, the intimate rose garden, the village, and the outdoor trails immersed in nature, which you can explore on foot or by bike.

The park, inhabited by squirrels, woodpeckers, jays, embraces the castle all around with its hedges of boxwood, beech trees, elms, and cypresses.

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