Transparent administration

“Govone Residenza Sabauda” is an association founded on 20 June 2015, by the will the Municipal Administration of Govone, in order to coordinate, organise and manage the main tourist and cultural events of the town and activities related to the promotion and valorisation of Govone Royal Castle. The association was founded by the main cultural associations of the area: Pro loco Govone, Pro loco Canove, Pro loco Craviano, Pro loco San Pietro, the centre for cultural promotion Govone e il Castello, Generazione Cultural Association, Associazione Volontari Govone, Avis Govone, Biblioteca popolare Govone and the Civil Protection.


Piazza Roma 1
Govone 12040 CN Piemonte Italia
CF 90051450048
P.IVA 03674280049