Chinese rooms

One of the main attractions of Govone Royal Castle – certainly the one with the most unique and preciously rare features – are the splendid Chinese wallpapers dating back to the eighteenth century decorating the entire walls of four rooms of the apartments of the princesses: the hearing room with porcelain and tea cycles, the master bedroom with silk and rice cycles, the parade hall and the lavatory with birds and flowers.

These wallpapers are not just precious and unique, covering the entire surface of the walls,  but are also characterised by bright colours and singular subjects, with great attention to detail, in particular in two rooms and especially the large and bright room facing south.

The wallpapers of these two rooms are decorated, through a wide range of “pictures” placed on a common background, with the four cycles of production of China, representing a major source of wealth for China at the time: silk, tea, porcelain and rice.

While this is not a unique example – we find other examples, both in the area and in some collections – the Chinese wallpapers of Govone Castle, are among the most significant of the kind, since they cover large surfaces and are rich in decorations and scenes.